Monday, July 11, 2011

A new project

It's been three months since I updated this blog.  I didn't do any weaving for about 2 months.  I was busy with other projects.  Last week I finished what was on the loom.  I quickly decided on my next project and decided to go BIG!

The next project will use the full width of the loom - all three feet of it.  It will be 402 (if I counted properly) pieces of yarn.  I don't have any idea how long it will be.  I really should measure that.  My loom can hold 432 strands of yard, but the pattern I'm going to do is in multiples of 67.

This is all the yarn and the four pages of pattern that I'll use to thread the loom.
So, over the last three days I've been putting the thread on the warping board.  My board can only hold about two hundred threads at a time, so I had to do two groups.  This evening I managed to tie the threads to the back of the loom and now is my least favorite part of weaving, winding the thread onto the loom.  It gets tangled so easily.  This is scary:

I've only just started and already it's a tangled mess!  Oh well, there is no rush and each time I do this, I learn a little more.  It's going to look great!  Just you wait.

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