Monday, January 9, 2012

The move

I started school again back in September.  I didn't do much weaving after that, although I did do some.  Then, in early November we found out we were moving in six weeks.  So everything except for the essentials stopped as we prepared our cross-country move.  The loom, which still had it's yellow chenille warp on it was carefully wrapped up.

We have moved and are settleing in.  Last night I fixed up my loom from it's move.  Three warp threads had broken.  Not bad.  I did what I could to repair those and I started weaving again.  I broke two more threads.  Repair.

Considering the trama my loom just went through, I have to say it came out well.  I'm looking forward to sitting down to it more often and working on my projects again.  Right now I'm making some simple fabric.  My weaving vocabulary has left my mind and I can't think of the kind of pattern I'm doing.  I have plans for it.  A few months ago, I saw the cutest hat made from hand woven fabric, like I'm doing now.  I'm going to try and make me a hat with it.  I love hats and recently, my daughter has gotten into wearing hats too.  I'll make us matching ones. 

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